Euroseeds Congress 2020 - Saint-Julians - Sunday 11  › Wednesday 14 October 2020
Please note that the "early bird" registration period and the cancellation policy
is extended to 11 September 2020 !

Dear friends and colleagues,

In view of the current development of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe and many other parts of the world, the Euroseeds Executive Committee has on July 30th again confirmed our intention to hold a "live" Euroseeds 2020 Congress in Malta from 11 to 13 October. We sincerely hope that the situation will improve further as we move forward; but we are aware of our responsibilities towards our registered guests as well as the general public and we will act accordingly in case safety concerns or official measures make a successful physical event impossible.


Euroseeds is committed to do everything in its power to assure a safe and healthy environment for this Congress. As the situation is likely to evolve in the coming weeks and months, we will regularly update all registered participants on any specific new developments or rules that may be put in place in this respect. Please take note of the following already now :

  • Euroseeds is in close contact with the relevant authorities at EU level and in Malta and with the management of the venues. We will follow all compulsory measures and all recommendations that will be in place at the time of the Congress.
    While at this point in time, there are no specific restrictions as regards numbers of attendees for such congresses, we have decided to set a maximum limit of registration of 700 persons. This will assure that ample space is available and that distances can be kept. For further details on the registration policy, please see below.
  • The Euroseeds Section Meetings and Assembly General will be held at the Hotel Westin to further reduce number and increase available space at the Hilton. The Westin is a 3 minute walk from the Hilton. Please take this into account in your meeting planning in case you attend both trade and Euroseeds meetings.
  • All participants will be equipped with masks, gloves and sanitisation fluid. We urge participants to make use of these in line with the rules and recommendations at that time. We will hand a note with the respective details to all participants at arrival.
  • Trade tables will be equipped with separation panes.
  • Exhibition booths will be placed apart to the extent possible & the overall number of booths will be reduced to allow for this.
  • Together with the hotel staff, we will organise breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks and the welcome Reception in the most suitable manner that avoids overcrowding of the respective areas.

As stated above, we constantly monitor the situation and may update our measures as we move forward. Any such information will be communicated to all registered participants so that you will be fully up to date as regards the preparation and safety measures in place.

Last but not least: in case we are forced to cancel the Congress due to official order or feel it cannot be organised with sufficient safety, all elements will be organised virtually and all registrations will remain valid for this virtual Congress. For details, please read the following carefully.

Registration for On-Site or Virtual Attendance

Most importantly, we will limit the number of on-site participants to a maximum number of 700 persons. Registrations for on-site attendance will be formally confirmed on a first come, first served basis and subject to receipt of the registration fee. A waiting list (tentative registrations) will be established once the maximum number is surpassed. Only formally confirmed registrations for on-site attendance will qualify for access to the Congress venues and services.

As we informed earlier, we will provide a virtual Congress experience in addition to the live event. This shall allow those with travel or other restrictions to still follow presentations, take part in topical discussions, as well as actively engage in the seed trade floor. A specific registration procedure for those wishing to register for virtual attendance only has been added to the registration part of our site. Please note specifically that physical access to the Congress venue and meetings will not be allowed for registered virtual attendees.

To assure safety, security and quality of our entire Congress, any participation continues to require obligatory registration (for either on-site attendance or for virtual attendance) and the payment of the respective fees.

Reservation of Individual Trade Tables

On-site Reserved and Free Table Areas

As before, we provide the option of reserving individual trade tables for the three days of the Congress as well as a designated area with "free" tables for spontaneous use.
Reservations for trade tables are again administered on a first come, first served basis with a waiting list set-up once the maximum number is surpassed.

Virtual Trade Floor

It is our goal to provide a feasible technical option for traders that are prohibited from physical attendance due to travel restrictions still place at the time of our Congress. We therefore have added the possibility to book a virtual trade table with two principal options :

As a virtual addition to an on-site reserved trade table

On-site attendees that have reserved an on-site trade table may add a virtual trade table at a preferential rate if they so wish. This add-on option is only available in this combination, i.e. only a registered on-site attendee with an on-site reserved trade table qualifies for this optional extension of reservation.

As a virtual table for virtual participants

Virtual attendees will also have the possibility to book a reserved virtual trade table.


On-site Exhibition

Under the current set-up, we are in the position to offer a maximum of 32 Exhibition Booths at the Congress venue in Malta. As for registration of on-site attendees and on-site trade tables, these booths can be booked on a first come, first served basis. All on-site exhibitors will be offered optional virtual elements as add-ons with their booking.

Virtual Exhibition

We can offer virtual Exhibition Booths as well. Please note that these can only be booked in combination with a registration as virtual attendee.

Euroseeds Meetings

All Euroseeds Section Meetings and the Assembly General will now take place at the Westin Hotel which is a 3 to 5 minute walk from the Hilton Congress venue. This change has made it possible to free space at the Hilton that can now be used for trade and exhibition while respecting hygiene rules and recommended distances. In case you plan to attend both Euroseeds Section Meetings and Trade Meetings, please take the short walking distance into consideration in your planning of appointments. As stated above for the trade floor and exhibition area at the Hilton, access to the Euroseeds Meetings area at the Westin will require confirmed registration as on-site attendee. Registered virtual attendees will not be granted access to the premises.

With all these preparations, we are confident that we provide suitable formulas for a high-quality Euroseeds 2020 Congress to all of you who are able and want to join us, either on-site or as virtual attendees from your respective countries all over the world. Given the many new elements and options, in case you need assistance with your registration, please do not hesitate to contact our trusted colleagues form Conceptum, the Euroseeds Congress Secretariat.

I truly hope to see many of you in good health and spirit in Malta, yours

Garlich von Essen - Secretary General

Registration to the Euroseeds Congress 2020